Benefits Of HCG Injections

Benefits Of HCG Injections diet offers a diet of only 500 calories a day, which sought through the use of hormone-called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). It is a hormone produced in the glycoproteins produced in the body and women during the first trimester of pregnancy. This hormone is produced during pregnancy in the placenta and should take care to the woman’s body during pregnancy in case the need arises (for example, exhaustion) could use their fat reserves, which should provide adequate maternal nutrition and child. Various studies have shown that this hormone is useful to speed up the metabolism (breakdown of body fat), without leading to a decrease in muscle mass. For this reason, the diet has been used successfully as a successful method of herbs and spices for weight loss in people with obesity. This hormone may be used in various forms, one of them daily benefits of hcg injections, which may contain 125 – 200 IU (International Units), depending on the condition of each individual. Another form of the use of this hormone tablets or sublingual drops, the most common and easy to implement methods in view of light absorption sublingual mucosa.

benefits of hcg injections

If we compare both the use of the method, tablets or drops are safer than injections, so as easy to control the dose. The use of this hormone is to maintain good diet just 500 calories a day, which allows you to lose weight quickly and lose about 400 – 600 grams per day. Benefits of hcg injections diet is divided into several phases: attack, the maintenance and stabilization, the length of each will depend on the individual, although each of them usually has a duration of 23 days to 6 weeks. People who implement this diet should not be deceived, but they have to think that the most important thing is to learn to eat with the right eating habits, keeping in mind the food pyramid and the appropriate parts. In the event that it implements the diet and he has a desire to begin to practice the exercise, recommends talking to your doctor. The advantage of this diet – the ability to show immediate results (without the risks of plastic surgery), what motivates a person and facilitates him the opportunity to learn how to correct PTAT. Benefits of hcg injections diet is not recommended for children, pregnant women or during breast-feeding. Remember that a diet that offers a consumption of only 500 calories a day – a strict restrictive diet, which can create problems of an unbalanced diet. Promised weight loss is exaggerated. androgel 1.62 for bodybuilding super trenabol for sale promotion.