6x Lumigan Eyelash Booster incl. 180 Applicators


Disposable applicators for  Lumigan  are not provided. An alternative to single-use applicator, which included a  Latisse will serve as a simple hcg vials brush or a special applicator. We give them free of charge to all our customers.

How does Latisse and Lumigan?

The key active component and Latiss Lyumigan is  bimatoprost  – fatty acid, which is contained in small amounts in almost all cells of our body. Absolutely not greasy and non-sticky formulation has a watery consistency. Dries, leaves no residue and unpleasant sensations.

Clinical studies conducted by Allergan indicate that after 2-4 weeks of use Latiss Lyumigan and eyelashes become  much longer, 106% thicker and 18% darker.  In the US,  Latisse  sold millions of copies.

Unfortunately, in the case of drug withdrawal, eyelashes gradually returned to the original volume and length. i_000213[1]However, if desired, Latiss Lyumigan and can be used on a regular basis – no contraindication for this was not revealed. Our products are subject to quality control that protects our customers the opportunity to purchase counterfeit.

As the practice shows the application, there is  a significant growth of eyelashes, a two-fold increase in their volume and the appearance of the natural juicy color.  The final result is achieved for 8-12 weeks of application. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase at least 2 bottles for a full course. In the future necessary to maintain the effect of applying  Latisse / Lumigan  several times a week.

Latisse / Lumigan – not only for the eyelashes.

Currently  Latisse / Lumigan  approved by the US Department by the Food and Drug Administration only as  a means for the growth of eyelashes , but Allergan conducted tests show a similar effect on the eyebrows and even a hair on his head.

This is confirmed by the numerous “volunteers” from the number of drug users who, contrary to instructions, experimented with increasing the eyebrows and, in most cases, have witnessed a positive result.


 Preparations Latisse, Lumigan and of Careprost, are nothing but a sterile solution of bimatoprost, is absolutely identical and in its composition and actions have on lashes. So why are only sold as a means of Latisse for eyelash growth? The fact that Allergan, the company received a patent for the sole use of the cosmetic solution of 0.03% bimatoprost solution under the brand name Latisse.

That is the formula of the active substance is freely use, but sell it for cosmetic use can only Allergan. It is logical that having invested a lot of money in the marketing and promotion of innovative drug and anticipating skimming the market, shocked magic bullet for growth of eyelashes, Allergan has significantly increased its value. But if you want to pay for advertising costs, that is the question?

Absolutely equivalent performance, but more affordable alternative Latisse are Lumigan means (pr-va Allergan) and Careprost (pr-va Sun Pharma). Both of these tools are identical in composition Latisse, the volume of the package and even name – Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution; distinguish them from Latisse only brands.