Lumigan Eyelash Growth 3ml incl. 30 Applicators


Lyumigan (Lumigan) Allergan – application and properties

The composition Lyumigan (Lumigan) includes fatty acid, bimatoprost (bimatoprost – 0.03% solution), which stimulates the  of  and eyebrows. Clinical shown that hcg mixing 5000 iu using Lyumigan (Lumigan) long lashes on 25-40% thicker than 106% and 20% darker. Lyumigan (Lumigan) is applied to the lash line, thus bimatoprost (bimatoprost) penetrates into hair bulbs cilia, stimulating their blood supply, which positively influences the growth of eyelashes. Important and not less nice feature of the drug Lyumigan (Lumigan) – is it absolutely not greasy texture, leaves no traces. A special applicator designed for effective and more economical use Lyumigan (Lumigan).

Clinical studies have shown that Lyumigan (Lumigan) can be used on a regular basis, as it has no contraindications. In addition, Lyumigan (Lumigan) passes quality control, so getting the drug in this product, you are protected from possible imitations.

To date Lyumigan (Lumigan) is approved by the US Department of Health as a tool for strengthening and growth of eyelashes, but many reviews about Lyumigan (Lumigan) indicate that the drug effectively act on the growth of eyebrows.

Lumigan Bimatoprost Opthalmic Solution 3ml 0.03%

Brand: Lumigan

Dosage: 0.03% 3 ml

Pharmacological group: Opthalmic Solution

Packaging: Bottle

Manufacturer: Allergan

Class: Prostaglandin

Date of manufacture: 07.19.2013

Expiration date: 07/18/2013

The main course for otraschivaniya – 2 months – need 2 Lumigan packing facilities.


Means should be applied in a consistent accuracy. If we stick to the basic principles of the application, the result will be visible for some time.

Step 1

The recommended dose – a single application at bedtime to the skin of the upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes. Every evening, before applying make-up tools, remove contact lenses and any other funds face care.

step 2

Holding the brush horizontally, hold the bottle as close as possible to the brush in order to drop from falling past it. Thereafter drip one drop at the brush base (but not on the tip itself).

step 3

Immediately slide the brush at the base of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid.

step 4

If liquid has been spilled on the face, wipe it sponzhikom.


Does not drip on the head! Remedy is applied once a day. Not recommended for use on the lower eyelids, as this can cause excessive growth of eyelashes. Contact lenses should be removed prior to application, and only 15 minutes later, you can put them up again. Possible growth of hair on the skin in places where there is frequent contact with the agent. To avoid this, in the case of skin (except for the upper eyelid) this place be a thin wet cloth or other absorbent material.

If you stop using the funds for a long time, eyelashes will gradually return to its original appearance.

As practice shows, just after 1 month from the start of the application, there is a noticeable growth of eyelashes, a twofold increase in their volume and the appearance of the natural juicy color. The final result is obtained at 14-16 weeks of application.

Do not expect too quick results and do not drop the use, if after a short time will not notice visible changes! In order to achieve a bright effect, it will take time – from 3 weeks to 4 months of regular use.


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