Gonadotropin and PCT
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Gonadotropin (hCG) and PCT

Q: “How to use hCG for post-course therapy (PCT)?”

Ideally, hCG should not be used at all in the context of PCT. In the context of the steroid course, hCG should be used only if an error has been committed and needs to be corrected.

The use of gonadotropin for prophylactic purposes to prevent the reduction of testicles requires low dosages. Therefore, taking this medication for this purpose minimizes the risks that it receives when it exhibits anabolic properties. The main advantage of the drug on the course of anabolic steroids is that it can significantly reduce the negative consequences of many of these drugs. Its use is allowed even during the “drying” period, in order to maintain muscle mass. If hCG is administered for a long time, it allows supporting the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis functioning. Take this medication on post-course therapy is not recommended.

When there is an inactivity, the testicles do not produce testosterone in the required quantities even after recovery of the LH production, and the recovery itself as a whole is strongly inhibited. Losses due to such a side effect of steroids can be very serious.Gonadotropin (hCG) and PCT

Using 5000-10000 units of hcg and b12 injections for 4-8 weeks the sensitivity can be restored.

It is unreasonable and inexpedient to plan testicular atrophy using mixing hcg 5000 iu after the completion of the course of steroids. It is much better to avoid atrophy and areactivity from the very beginning. Moreover, the use of hCG in post-course therapy may make it difficult to restore LH in the body, so this is not the most appropriate time to use it.

Conversely, hCG should be used in the middle or in the second half of the course and no later than the last steroid injection of the course.

The period of hcg bodybuilding use usually lasts about 4 weeks. If the course lasts 8-12 weeks, the 4-week period in which the HCG should be used should begin immediately after the last injection of the steroid. If the course lasts 14 weeks, these four weeks should fall on the second half of the course. For example, you can use hCG for 6-9 weeks, 9-12 weeks, or anywhere in this interval.

The dosage is divided into at least 3 doses per week. For example, taking 275 ED three times a week, you end up using 5,000 units for four weeks. But you can take doses in different ways, for example, every day, every second day or four times a week. There is no practical difference in terms of the results between these protocols. Here the main role is played only by personal preferences.

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One single true weekly dosage of hCG with vegetarian meals with protein does not exist. Simply put, you can take as 500 ED three times a week, and 200 units each day.