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hcg dietHCG diet is divided into 4 phases:

Phase 1 – loading phase – 2 days
Phase 2 – the actual diet – 3 20 days
3 phase – the stabilization of weight – 21-23 Day
4 phase – securing the result – 24 day after

First phase: Day 1 & 2
Start taking hCG hormone in the form of drops twice a day.

Over the next two days, you can eat any products without ogranicheniya. Recommendation have as much fat and high-calorie foods such as fatty meats, butter, baked goods, pastries, chocolate milk, mayonnaise, sweets and so on. But do not worry, scored 2 days kilograms not stay and you lose them quickly.

Many resist and ignore the recommendations as it used to, that the diet – this restriction in food or fear to get better even more. But it is important to remember that the first two days of the HCG diet – is the key to the success of the diet as a whole. Energy reserve, recruited for the first and the second day will help you avoid hunger and fatigue in the days that followed the diet.
People who do not follow these recommendations, thus wanting to lose more weight during a diet, have more difficulty, especially in the first week. Therefore, do not neglect the first phase protocol HCG diet: eat as much as possible and do not forget the cake!

Second phase: 3-20 day
phase very low calorie diet.

Keep taking the hormone hCG | HCG as drops twice a day.
From that day until the end of the second phase, ie the next 20 days, you must strictly adhere to a diet of 500 calories a day. No derogations are allowed from the diet plan. Can only eat products in the list, and only in the quantities strictly specified.
Please try to cheat and retreat from the diet plan, the consequences will not make long to wait.
If you have stopped losing weight even for a day – it is a signal to what is to check what you eat and in what quantities.
Within 20 days of completely changing the metabolism and is its reprogramming. Imeeno therefore strict adherence to the diet in the second phase is crucial.

The third phase: 21-23 day
phase weight stabilization. Stop taking the hormone hCG.

The main objective of the third phase of the HCG diet | HCG diet is to consolidate the results achieved and weight stabilization. It is very important for the next 3 days to continue to eat according to the protocol HCG diet upotrelyaya 500 calories a day. Do not worry, accumulated in the body of the hormone HCG | HCG enough to stay on a low calorie diet. By the end of the third day of hCG | HCG hormone will be printed from the body.

Fourth phase: on 24 and after

Weigh yourself every morning on an empty stomach.
Fluctuations dolzhnysostavlyat no more than one kilogram of the date Latest one receiving hcg 5000 iu
Eating carbohydrates and sugar unacceptable
Once hCG removed from the body, the amount of consumed calories can be increased up to 2000 per day, while avoiding sugar, starchy carbohydrates and sugar products within the following three weeks.

Description of the diet on the sites of sellers of sprays with hormone promises an impressive result – up to 15 kg in just 40 days of active weight reduction. After this, take a break, during which you need to eat 1200 kcal, and then, again, go back to taking hcg diet, if necessary. Repeat cycles should be followed until a lasting effect is obtained.Experience shows that people who have violated the diet phase, gained weight previously lost.

Therefore it is very important to strictly adhere to the HCG | HCG protocol for 3 weeks otherwise inevitable return to former weight. It is important to understand that the body gets used to the new weight and learning to operate in the new mode. That is why the required three weeks of strict adherence to the hCG protocol | HCG.
Remember, you can eat everything but the sugar (sugar-containing products) and starchy carbohydrates. A more detailed list of allowed products and prohibited products attached.

The phase ktoroaya lasts … forever.

Once you have consolidated result (phase 4, the duration of 3 weeks), begin to gradually introduce into your diet sugar food and its derivatives, as well as carbohydrates, starchy, strictly monitor the number.

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