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HCG Reviews Diet thundered like a bolt from the people, who for many years struggling with excess weight. HCG Drops – the foundation of the new fashion of the American diet that really works.

So, let’s look at the basic concepts, which carries the HCG Reviews Diet.

hcg reviewsFirstly, it is fast and effective diet is based on the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) – a natural protein hormone, it is formed in the placenta of a pregnant woman. The function of this hormone – is to ensure supply of the fetus through the mother’s fat burning in the body and converting it into energy. This hormone activates the hypothalamus in the brain, which is responsible for the correct and healthy metabolism. But as we overload your body with harmful products, most of which is made up of fats and hydrocarbons, the hypothalamus is unable to perform its natural function.

The hypothalamus has a neurons that sense and record changes (temperature, composition hormones) which occur in human blood and cerebrospinal fluid. The hypothalamus is the center, which is responsible for the feeling of thirst, hunger, sleep and wakefulness. Overweight people often overload your body with plenty of food and drink a lot of fatty foods, sugar, salt – and this is part of the poor performance of the hypothalamus problems. As a result – increased appetite, there is the so-called “food addiction”, slows the metabolism, fat is stored in reserve on the abdomen, under the arms, in the pelvis and legs.
Pattern between increasing levels of HCG hormone and a decrease in body fat observed in 1950 British researcher Dr. Albert Simeons. After experimentation and confirmation of successful results, this method of weight loss used by celebrities. While HCG hormone was only in the form of injections and was considered an expensive drug, as it was extracted from the urine of pregnant women. Now we can find means for losing weight with hcg lab test results hormone drops, patch, powder. Drops of HCG – it is the most convenient way, you drip them under the tongue, and they are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. To learn how to properly apply a drop of how to carry out the three phases of the program, as well as the permissible diet with HCG diet you can read the following article.

I girls to be honest for the first time about these drops slyshu.I I found this diet nechayno when we Yulichka about losing weight Rianninom said, I decided to check out how she lost weight, and found such a topic.

Who knows the truth how thin Rihanna

Lose weight with the help of drops of hcg reviews is quite real. But if people knew what kind of a tool this is. It contains the female hormones of hcg reviews, which are produced in the body of a woman during pregnancy. Their high content makes them actively spend their fats on fetal nutrition and pregnancy.

All of this tale to the public. Here in America there is a new diet recently. It called the HCG diet. HCG hormone, if in russki.Pesh drops on the basis of the hormone in pregnant vyrabtyvayuschegosya, priderzhivaeshsya very low-calorie diet, and grow thin to 15kg per month, without feeling hungry absolutely. In stage 4 diet, painted both of her right to go so as not to gain weight. Official medicine scolds her vengeance, and I will personally say that she was sitting on this 4yu week, minus 7kg without hunger pangs at all, with the energy of all is normal. But I was not initially a great weight has been. And it is still engaged in sport do not recommend. And it removes fat from exactly where it once. I, for example, the breast did not decrease, but the pants to wear two sizes smaller. Do not think that it is an advertisement. I’m not selling anything, just tell, because she desperately tried everything and this for me was the last refuge. I delved into a lot of information on the internet. Reviews unrealistic. And most importantly, if you do everything by the rules and all the phases proiti, as suggested, the weight is not reached. Well, if not raspuskatsya course.

In Hollywood, it naimodneyshaya Mulk, only one admit not and will not. There are injections, but drops work equally well.

If you are in Russia, I do not know where. I’m in the US and on the internet buying. But there is a lot of nuances that is, how to eat, when, how to go, how to maintain weight. So without a thorough acquaintance with the situation, I would not advise you. This is not just a drop batters appetite. There’s a whole science is concerned with this. The bottom line is that as long as you accept them you can eat 500kk day. At first I thought that 500kk day I lose weight without drops. But these drops are literally moving the unhealthy fat from the body, to 2000-3000kk day. As a result, your body and get your missing calories, so you will not feel hungry and full of energy. Still need to take vitamins of group B, L-carnitine and other supplements. In my drops, they have already been added. Then, sit on this to a minimum of 21 days (even if you just need to lose 5 kg) and a maximum of 40 days. It was after 3 weeks there is reprogramming of the hypothalamus, which allows you to abort the dependency on food, sweet, salty, non-natural products. If you throw before, this does not happen, the weight will return. In short, a lot of detailed information. Sryvatsya on this diet is also impossible, the weight creeps up instantly. Those. if you have broken and eaten biscuit, nothing nebudet on a normal diet. With drops you can type kg in one night with one pechenyuhi. Not for the faint of heart,
interesting interesno.Nado look at whether such drops are sold in we in England.