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HCG: Solution to unwanted weight gain

HCG Solution to unwanted weight gain. Of course, one of the main problems that every woman is interested in from a certain period is overweight. This problem has many ways to solve. But the most effective of this set is the principle – not to allow excess weight, to find and eradicate the cause that leads to undesirable body weight.

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Physiological Causes of Excess Weight

In the first place among the physiological causes is the wrong metabolism.
Scientists have proved that in people who are prone to fullness, the body slowly processes nutrients that enter the body with food and are subsequently converted into energy.

From this we can conclude that the surplus is deposited on the human body in the form of fat stores. In order to restore normal metabolism, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the causes that provoked it.

The second place is Genetics Rights. You probably heard stories that if in your family everyone is inclined to fullness, then you will sooner or later join their ranks. All this is so, if not one BUT – your genes are not responsible for excess fat, formed on the body, but the heredity that you possess, only determines your physique and nothing more.

The third cause of excess weight are diseases. If all your attempts to reduce weight are not crowned with success, you need to contact a competent specialist. After the examination you need to start treatment.

Diseases that provoke excess weight include diseases of the endocrine system: hypothyroidism and diabetes and many others. Also, do not forget that in itself excess weight leads to the development of many diseases. The first is affected by the cardiovascular system, then the musculoskeletal system, etc. Many people do not take seriously enough reason to recruit excess weight with the help of psychotropic drugs. Very in vain. After all, the mechanism of the effect of neuroleptics on the body weight is still not sufficiently studied. Perhaps, this is due to the craving for everything sweet during the period of using these medicines.

Consider an example of a pregnant woman hcg solution. The placenta of any pregnant woman secretes the HCG hormone. This substance gives the body the command to mobilize all the resources necessary for the continuous nutrition and growth of the fetus that develops in the womb of the mother.

The last in our list, but not the last in importance, we put the pregnancy. During pregnancy in the body of any woman there are major changes: the predominance of accumulation and construction processes begins. This metabolism is quite normal for a pregnant woman. It is programmed by nature to give nutrients for the birth of a new life in your womb, and then during lactation.

It is often observed that this type of metabolism remains after pregnancy, the result of which is the accumulation of fatty deposits. You can get rid of them by reviewing your lifestyle and diet.

HCG Solution Psychological

Psychological causes, in contrast to physiological causes are indirect causes of the appearance of extra pounds.

In the first place we decided to put “jamming” problems.
This is manifested when you are bored or you are angry or upset, the whole reason lies in the psychological discomfort (ie in the head). At such times, many are attacking something edible. However, in such situations it is necessary to restrain one’s impulses, because You want to cope with the problem by consuming different goodies. At such moments, the brain switches to meals and temporarily damps your senses due to taste reflexes. This should always be remembered and try to avoid such situations.

The second reason is often marriage. No, we do not call on us not to marry, on the contrary. However, after getting married, after some time the slender girl turns into a disorderly pussy. Many psychologists explain this by saying that a woman ceases to be a predator. Its goal has been achieved and there is no longer any reason to conquer the strong half of humanity by its figure.

The third reason, in our opinion, the most important, is the woman’s dislike for herself. Overeating will be more inclined people who do not really like themselves, underestimate their own importance.

According to statistics: about 80% of people who lose weight with the help of diets, for two years, come back to their former weight or gain even more kilograms. This means that workout mistakes most women make on changing the forms of one’s body must be led from the head – this is not a figurative expression. Between our physical body and our psyche there is a close mutual relationship.
And, until the psychological reasons for gaining weight are solved, other methods are going to the gym, diets, all kinds of detox procedures, etc. – all of them will have only a short-term effect. To fix a long result, you must act in two directions at once. It is necessary to carry out psychotherapeutic work and also to connect a variety of external methods: to engage in fitness, to switch to proper nutrition, etc.

For example, a woman has low self-esteem, she does not feel that her opinion is important to someone. Of course, she will greatly strive to begin to feel more weighty and more meaningful. Having no other ways to achieve the desired, she at the subconscious level can choose the easiest way: “increase” the boundaries of herself in the physical world. That is, increase in volume or build up a fat layer. Our subconscious mind does not understand figurative expressions and perceives everything in the literal sense, and the full person looks “more significant” than the evil one.

Therefore, timid and shy women and girls, those who find it difficult to defend their own opinions, who are used to “go with the flow” often suffer from excessive weight. But we see something similar in the animal world. Animals, when they are threatened, also want to increase in size: they spread their wool, feathers, they buckle their backs.
In addition, the extra fat mass is a kind of protective shell, in it a man hides his unprotected “Ego”. So it happens, if the person of the person was strongly offended. For example, a girl became a victim of rape. Then she can think: “If I were less attractive, it would never happen to me” (but, this opinion is incorrect: unattractive girls are just as victims of sexual violence as the beauties). When extra pounds play the role of protection, then, even lowering the weight, such a woman will wear baggy clothes, so as not to attract to her person excessive male attention. It’s Fear of being a woman.

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What do your extra pounds indicate?

Places of greater severity of fat can also indicate clearly marked psychological problems.
For example, completeness in the waist and tummy area is often associated with the non-acceptance of its feminine principle. When a girl has an indistinct waist (the so-called “male figure”), this indicates that she does not accept her femininity, is afraid to be weak and depend on the circumstances or the people surrounding her without feeling support for them.

Massive lower body (legs, hips, and buttocks) are often found in individuals who tend to hyper-care for their loved ones. This woman is most likely an exemplary mother, wife and mistress (or she wants to become her). But only her household simply “suffocate in her steel arms,” ​​which do not give room for a free person, or for making independent decisions.

What does “love of yourself” mean? Many psychologists today say that excess weight comes from lack of love for oneself. But few can explain to us how to learn to accept oneself and in what actions love to oneself can be manifested. It is from this that a delusion is typical for many, that “loving oneself” means buying yourself expensive things, leading yourself to elite spa treatments. This is not true. To love and appreciate your personality and your body means to establish contact with him and the ability to hear his true needs. We must begin to learn how to build relationships with confidence with ourselves – then the body will no longer need protection or compensation for low self-esteem with fat deposits.

Secret causes of excess weight

Sleep. If you consistently do not get enough sleep – the body gradually becomes exhausted and can no longer work in full force. Therefore, he needs from you more food for the development of new forces. When fatigue in the body decreases the level of the hormone that regulates appetite. As a result, calories burned slower and hunger increases. Therefore, you need to rest at a certain time!

Stress acts directly on the nervous system, and particularly, the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. In conclusion, it increased the level of acidity in the stomach, which prompts us something to chew on. Also, stress can disrupt the function of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for processing extra calories. Stress causes a lack of joy. Biscuits, potato chips, cookies, candy – simple carbohydrates cause a rapid release of hormones joy – endorphins. But endorphin surge lasts for a very short time, and then comes the frustration and guilt comes because you are tempted to eat something.

Habit. You have long been a regular routine for eating, with the same friends, the same food. Try to break the stereotype: and instead of lunch with co-workers in the office on the go snack kitchen in the near Bistro. And if you cook for dinner his household meat with a side dish, you can cook yourself something less serious, but no less tasty, eg, fruit salad.

Age. Our age affects body wt. How exactly? With age, the level gradually decreases metabolism, which leads to the fact that the body begins to burn calories less. So now, in order to avoid the problem of increasing your weight – you will need to limit the amount of food eaten.

The quality of food. Fast food system is firmly in our ability to live together with smoked meat, sweets, and other yummy. The body can not get enough of these products, but they have a lot of calories – is an open gate to your excess weight. Eating healthy and natural food (vegetables and fruits in particular) help your body excrete excess cholesterol.

Large portions. Scientists have long argued that the need to eat as much food as it can fit in our two hands. Of course, we can eat a lot more, but excess food is actively recycled into fats.

Chocolate. Hurt our figure is able to treat only when used improperly. Slice of bitter dark chocolate even necessary for our body to maintain a good mood. But the taste qualities of such food causes our body to eat more, especially when it is used on an empty stomach.

Eating in front of TV. When eating your mind should be focused only on that. If you eat in front of TV, it is busy processing the information received and ceases to control the entire process of saturation. Also, begin to be produced conditioned reflexes: as soon as you turn on the TV, you start to visit the hunger.

Breakfast. Many of us still do not know how important breakfast in our daily diet. Its calorie content should not be less than 400 calories, so you do not want and you do not have to eat up for lost time.

Water. This is a unique solvent for the implementation of all vital processes in our body. For complete functioning of an organism we need to use a day for at least two liters of pure water.

In each case, the most important will be the control over those calories that come into your body, and the energy consumed. Our body itself is a “very smart” and knows exactly which substances need him at the moment (it is unlikely to want to get them out of hot dogs or sweet drinks).

In conclusion, I want to give some advice: train yourself to eat consciously. In practice, it might look like this: if there is a sudden desire to eat something, do not rush, and listen to yourself: Do you hunger driven or is there another reason that prompted you to sit down. Keep as far as possible a more active lifestyle and you will be able to permanently eliminate all the causes of excess weight.