herbs and spices for weight loss
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Herbs and Spices for Weight Loss

You want to be slimmer? Add in the menu more than herbs and spices for weight loss: some combination to help fight the underlying causes of excess weight by speeding up your metabolism, appetite or pacifying soothing nerves at a time when anger or melancholy “push” us to a tile or two of chocolate. What spices can help to lose weight? The answer – in this article.

herbs and spices for weight loss

Spices not only reveal new facets of familiar taste of dishes, but also help to reduce weight

All doctors practicing in the field of dietology say that the most simple products help to normalize weight herbs and spices for weight loss Рthe main thing is to ensure correct use, then they have a beneficial effect on the body. They will help:

  • Diversify the menu. Agree, most dietary dishes seem to us very boring and fresh (especially if you are afraid of edema, practice of salt-free meal plan). Spices also help reveal new facets of flavor products: for example, oatmeal on the water with cinnamon , or steamed vegetables with marjoram obtained much more fragrant than without them.

Tip: add in food seasonings and spices “in its purest form” – ready-mix may contain salt, flavorings and preservatives that your body no good. If the usual root parsley and dill you have become boring, look at eastern spices – cumin (cumin), curry, fennel seeds.

  • Avoid overeating. Due to its bitter taste decoctions of certain herbs help subdue appetite : this famous corn silk, dandelion , milk thistle. But some spices (especially acute) allow us to be satisfied with less food: it is the ginger, nutmeg, chili pepper. On it is worth paying attention to losing weight also because it contains capsaicin, which helps break down fatty tissue.

Tip: nutritionists recommend not to get involved in hot spices for those who have problems with digestion. “The use of burning pepper is contraindicated in gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis with high acidity and ulcerative colitis. This can lead to a serious ailment “ – explains Rima Moysenko, dietician, head of the Center of Aesthetic Medicine” Rimmarita “.

  • Improve mood. Accustomed to stick stress? Add to the dish turmeric – scientists from the Government Medical College, Bhavnagar proved that curcumin in its composition affects our body as a good antidepressant. Pick up the mood as the flavors of thyme, basil and anise.

Often drink tea with mint or lavender: These herbs will relieve you from anxiety, help keep emotions under control and easier to endure the autumn blues. “Lavender is rich in essential oils and tannins, and therefore has a positive effect on the intestinal tone” – reminds Rimma Moysenko.

Tip: a calming effect, and has the scent of lavender – add a couple of drops of essential oil to the bath, it will remove the stress out of the day better than the serving of alcohol.

  • Reduce cravings for sweets . The recognized “experts” in this issue are cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and vanilla: its aromas can “trick” our brain, causing the association with confectionery. “The special properties of the latter are explained by its member vanilla, aromatic components, resins, tannins, and enzymes. Separate plus for losing weight – vanilla accelerates metabolism, improves digestion and normalizes blood sugar levels “ , – says Rima Moysenko.

The benefits of cinnamon for weight loss found a group of Swedish researchers: they have shown that daily consumption of 3 grams of this spice prevents surges of insulin, and therefore attacks “brutal” hunger.

Tip: to reduce sugar cravings, add cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla in a drink (coffee, glintvey n or sbiten ), fruit salads or cereals. Do not be afraid to experiment – try to bake in the oven for an apple or a pear, sprinkle them with spices and seasoned drop of honey. This dessert can help you satisfy your need for sweet and calories in it will be relatively few.

  • Improve digestion. Excess weight is often associated with disorders in the digestive system. Debug her work will help the use of cumin and cardamom. “These herbs have a stimulating effect and regulates the formation of gastric juice. Do not use them with hammers, where the fragrant and useful they are in the form of seeds – in the case of caraway seeds, and pods, if we are talking about cardamom “, – says Rima Moysenko.

Similarly, action and possess teas from fireweed, oregano leaves and strawberries. “These herbs normalize the digestive system, have anti-inflammatory effects, but may provoke increased appetite,” – says nutritionist.

Autumn teas – it is also good prevention of colds

Tip: oregano may also be added to meat and fish dishes: Dried seasoning will give them an unusual flavor.

How to choose the seasoning

1. Do not buy herbs and spices for weight loss in bulk. “First, because you will be more difficult to assess their structure, and they may contain illegal and dangerous ingredients, origin, shelf life and storage conditions. But on the packaging manufacturer, all these data indicate simply must. Secondly, unpackaged spices and teas quickly lose their flavor – simply run out of steam, and, in addition, can absorb an objectionable odor, if, say, they were stored on the counter next how to buy bitcoin to the products that have a strong flavor, “ – advises Irina Konohova, doctor- hygienist, a leading expert of the company “Roskontrol”.

2. Choose seasonings in small sealed packages. “It is desirable that the volume of the container was no longer 100 g And she was made of foil-coated film, this material retains good quality of the product”, – says Irina Konohova.

3. Notice how the spices are stored in the store. “Teas and spices require some special conditions: they must be protected from light, humidity and high temperatures, as well as isolated from products having persistent, intense smell. The only way they will keep their flavor for a long time “ – warns an expert.

weight loss herbs and spices