how to stop cheating on your diet
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How to Stop Cheating on Your Diet

We Gain and Strengthen Our Motivation

How to stop cheating on your diet? Competent qualified nutritionists, answering the question of how not to break down during a diet, always say that it is worth selecting for themselves a long-term food system. The risk of getting off the track during a tight mono-diet is extremely high, so if you do not want to drive yourself into a cycle of breakdowns and hunger strikes, a rational and sustainable solution will be a mild and prolonged diet that more likely resembles a lifestyle. Motivation for losing weight is a very delicate and multifaceted question. Some ladies with iron will constantly reproach their “lush” opponents in its deficit. Like, since you’re always breaking down, you do not want to lose weight too much. In fact, the desire for an ideal figure in the second can be much greater. But some desires, as we all know, are not enough. To find a powerful motivation for specific actions aimed at achieving your ideal body, it is important to decide why you are losing weight. If you want someone to please, or be like a Hollywood star, you can immediately leave this venture. Since once you are objectionable to someone in this weight, no one will give you a guarantee that you will start to admire with the desired leanness. And if you lose at least 50 kg of excess weight, you will always remain yourself, with your advantages and disadvantages. You will never become Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie or Monica Bellucci … and do you need it? After all, our main attraction lies in uniqueness, and not in irreproachable similarity with the example of the canons of beauty. Therefore, to return unfaithful husbands and strive to become another person are completely ineffective motivational factors. Moreover, they in 99% mean bitter disappointment as a result.

cheating on your diet

How to Stop Cheating on Your Diet: Practical Tips and Tricks

Common in all diets for weight loss – the use of juices, fruits and vegetables, bread from flour coarse grinding, yogurt. Here they are and y6epegut from the desire to eat up to the heap in the evening. One or two fruits or vegetables for each meal will give a feeling of satiety and naturally reduce calorie intake cheating on your diet.
Snacks should be done every 4 hours. Small portions of food will help maintain blood sugar levels, which will save you from mood swings and insurmountable bouts of hunger. At home and at work, always have at hand a ‘kladovochku’ with oranges, apples, biscuits and other low-calorie, but delicious ‘things’. The main thing is not a feeling of saturation, but a sense of satisfaction!

Consider that comparing weight loss with love for yourself and your body – a priori utopian idea. If you do not love yourself now, do not fall in love and in the ideal state. Hate to one’s pounds is also not a motivation. On the contrary, you must love yourself so much that you constantly want to improve and become even better! Answer yourself – why do you need to lose weight? You will not only find answers to all the pressing questions, but also get the opportunity to work on your own mistakes. You can finally stop disrupting and feel much more confident, practicing a diet and introducing something new into your regime unhealthy drinks. How to withstand the whole diet and not break? Write for yourself a man-made list of pros and cons that you will gain as a result of losing weight. Do not forget to encourage yourself for the results. And the promises to yourself also fix in this list. For example, for every 5 kg, promise yourself a “raid” in the SPA-salon, an expensive designer dress, a trip to the sea. This will give you an additional push to action. Some women manage to motivate their husbands, giving for the transformation of a fur coat (of course, a miniature size), a ring, and even a car.

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