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Key Bodybuilding Supplements For Growth

Alright, what I’m gonna do here is people have been asking what my bodybuilding supplements for growth are, what my supplements look like. So, I’m gonna show you what I’m taking. Everyday I take 5 grams of creatine powder. You can take it anytime throughout the day. You can take it post-workout if you want. I don’t take it pre-workout, I just take it pretty much with a meal after training. Ok? 5 grams.

Next, I take about 6000 milligrams of MSM. Supposedly good for my joints, connective tissue and I buy the powder form. I just pretty much chase it. It’s got a little scooper, I just pop it in my mouth, take three scoops, about 3000 milligrams. And I take that twice a day. You can get fifteen grams a day a year. Supposed to be really good for you, detoxes your brain, pulls metals out I guess. They’re using it for a lot of research, for people with Alzheimer’s. So I use this right now for my joints and stuff. But my elbows still feel kind of sore. I know this helps with connective tissue as well, muscles, tendons. Strengthens joint and skin structure, there it is right there. So they say. So, take that it doesn’t matter esteroides anabolicos for sale.

For pre-workout, I take a teaspoon of this which is about 4 grams of beta-alanine this stuff will make you get all tingly but I don’t think you should be complaining about the tingles, who cares, it’s not even bad. And it doesn’t last long, it goes away.

I also take citrulline malate. I take about eight grams of this pre-workout. So pretty much this, these two are my pre-workout stacks, got 4 grams of beta alanine, and we got 8 grams of citrulline malate. I was taking this pre-workout, but I stopped and I don’t really notice the difference at all. I’ll probably time this better and might use this when I cut. It’s been shown to help oxidize fat a little bit, so. I might wait on that.

bodybuilding supplements for growth

For protein, I use this. Whey protein isolate, this for me I don’t really like the artificial ingredients. This comes from grass-fed cows, I don’t know know if it really matters cause it’s not really any fat at all in it. It’s just pure protein but they use stevia and I like that better than spirulina. I don’t like using spirulina. I just ran out of my multi-vitamin but I usually take life Life Force multi. What else? And then this. This is pretty much it. This ends it.

Super omega3. I try to get a combination of EPA and DHA to be about 3 grams a day. So right now I’m taking these. For this one I take about five pills a day. If I was taking standard fish oil it’d be around ten pills. So this is a little stronger, which is good. And that’s it for my supplementation, I don’t take anything else.

Already at the very beginning of the steroid cycle, the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicle arc is disturbed. Steroids increase the level of testosterone in the blood and give the hypothalamus a corresponding signal. The hypothalamus, in turn, transmits to the hypophysis a signal about the reduction or complete cessation of the production of follicular-stimulating hormone bodybuilding supplements for growth. As a result, the luteinizing hormone begins to affect the sex cells in which testosterone production takes place with less intensity. The additional administration of CHG makes it possible to rectify the situation and raise the production of testosterone.

My routine is legs on one day, and the next day is push, and the next day is pull. And then the next day is off and then it repeats. So legs, push, pull, off, repeat.

There’s a couple of other YouTubers out there that do the same kind of routine, In feel like it works. It works the best for me. I’m making gains fast and I’m also eating more. Now for eating, these are the things.

I recommend. You got to get a rice cooker. This thing makes everything handy. A rice cooker, a slow cooker, a blender, and then a George Foreman.

I don’t have a Foreman grill but that would be ultimate. And that’s all you really need. I got a frying pan of course but. I’m bulking out, losing the abs a little bit. Let’s see, I’ll show ya. I’ll give ya a glimpse of the progress. Have some good light in here. I’m calculating my calories everyday. So it looks like I’m making gains. Most of it’s diet. Obviously diet. I feel like everyone says diet is most important.

But really, what’s diet without the training? Ya know? What’s training without the diet? I really feel like they’re fifty-fifty.

People always say it’s like eighty percent diet. I feel like they go hand-in-hand. The supplements for new bodybuilders I feel like is just the smallest little part of it. It really just comes down to lifting and eating. Then you can make more gains. Yea! So progress is good, I’m gaining size. I mean I look way bigger already. It’s been a month in my bulk. And I’m not really getting too fat. And I’m gonna keep it up and keep getting bigger. Stay up with this progress, and I got nothing to hide, there are the abs. I have really thick obliques so. I probably won’t get much fatter than this it’s about as fat as I get off-season.

Off-season I have to say, even though I haven’t competed yet. I plan on doing it soon. And that’s it. So follow my progress, like, comment, subscribe. More videos to come, I got more training videos.

I had an issue with the lake video they posted but hopefully I’ll get some chest videos in, some push days, some back day and take it from there.

Man I should’ve filmed this way. This is where that good light is. Damn.

All kinds of gains, all kinds.