workout mistakes most women make
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7 Workout Mistakes Most Women Make

Most people who go to the gym to engage in guided self motivation to succeed. Often, however, only one of the internal fuse is not enough, since a large gap in the knowledge needed, usually separates those who show good results from those who in this respect does not succeed. Sometimes novice athletes are so far from modern developments and advanced techniques of the fitness industry, they fail even before the first cross the threshold of the gym. But you do not threaten!

Experienced professional athletes of the EAS – fitness model Jason Uittrok and bikini contestant Nikki Walter – will help you put an end to unproductive training and advise how to avoid seven workout mistakes most women make before the start of training.

Common Workout Mistakes Most Women Make

1. You do not have a clear plan

None of the area is impossible to achieve good results if you act haphazardly. This is also true for bodybuilding. Build a clear plan will help you stay focused and motivate success. You can not achieve the desired goal if you do not have a specific plan of how to implement it. “Setting concrete goals is important – Walter explains -. Understanding exactly what you want to improve performance and to what extent, will give you a starting point against which you will measure the current progress.”

7 workout mistakes most women make

Competent plan should also be flexible enough to meet the ever-changing conditions. “Over time, you should periodically review its training program and adjust it as necessary to make sure that it is best suited for your lifestyle” – Walter said. For example, if you often do not get engaged on Saturday, try to move the training to another day of the week, and make a day of rest on Saturday. Or if you still do not dare to perform certain exercises, do not force yourself to do it. It is better to replace it with a similar, more appropriate movements that involve similar muscle.

2. Do you eat a large amount of junk food for 24 hours before a workout

Professional athletes know that the biggest impact on performance in the gym has not the food you eat right before a workout, and what you have consumed during the previous 24 hours.

Thus, your preparation for tomorrow’s training session due to start today. In this regard, it is important to pay special attention to choosing the right foods and the time of consumption. Eat every 3-4 hours, get high-quality protein from sources such as lean beef, fish, poultry and eggs, as well as a sufficient amount of carbohydrates from green vegetables, brown rice and whole grains.

A typical bodybuilder diet is composed as follows: 40% of daily calorie intake should be high quality protein, 40% – carbohydrates and 20% – fats, mostly monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. Among the best sources of fat can be identified olive oil, nuts and seeds, avocados, flaxseed and various kinds of fish, primarily meat of mackerel or salmon.

3. You miss a pre-workout cocktail reception

A well-designed program of strength training provides the necessary for the growth of microtrauma of the muscle fibers, but you can start the recovery process more efficient before the finish first approach. For 30-45 minutes before exercise is recommended to drink whey protein shake. Of course, you could get the protein through whole foods, but in itself whey is digested faster and will not cause a feeling of saturation and heaviness in the stomach when doing in the gym.

You can also include in the pre-workout supplement stack is specifically designed to improve the efficiency of your workout. Among the most important ingredients can be identified beta-alanine, caffeine, giving a powerful boost of energy and increase productivity, as well as beet extract and Peak ATP formula to increase blood levels of nitric oxide (NO). Beet extract, which is an excellent source of nitrate, effectively increases the production of NO. As a result, many studies have suggested that it is also helping to improve performance how to shrink your waistline, prevent premature onset of fatigue and increase exercise tolerance.

“To prevent the collapse of the muscles after training I consume 20-50 grams of protein before a hard cardio and 30 grams before strength training – says Walter -. In addition, if, during prolonged workouts I need to curb hunger, I prefer to sip a protein shake during training and not wait for its completion. This will ensure timely receipt of the necessary amino acids to the muscles. “

4. You forget about the moral preparation

The numbers on the scales are important and they should motivate you, but you do not need to check the weight every day workout mistakes most women make. Sometimes your body starts to pull up, but the numbers on the scale do not go down. Do not cause stress in yourself. Keep your motivation and forget about the numbers for a while. The most important thing is how you feel your body ..

Before going to the gym mentally prepare yourself. Take this time, for example, when eating before exercise. Imagine how it will look your ideal training: what kind of exercise you do, how to use fitness equipment, lift some weights, and so on.

Keep mentally adjust ourselves and in the gym. “Before each exercise, I mentally visualize its fulfillment in the best shape, pace and volumes, – said Uittrok -. This is especially important for complex power exercises that require maximum intensity, for example, if I’m going to make a heavy approach the bench press, and my goal is. to perform 5 repetitions, at first I imagine that successfully completes all 5 reps with perfect form and ease. This creates a subconscious effect of self-confidence. My brain has already performed the necessary exercises and knows what to expect. Now it was the body turn. “

5. You make too much of a stationary cardio

If your primary goal is to burn fat, stationary cardio may seem like the perfect option. Many of the people who share this opinion, exhausting themselves long daily aerobic exercise in an attempt to burn the extra calories. Unfortunately, steady cardio, in which you keep the same pace throughout the workout – not the most efficient way to burn calories in the first place because it only occurs during exercise and for a short time after its completion.

workout mistakes most women make

Unlike stationary cardio, high intensity interval training (HIIT) contribute to the acceleration of metabolism within 24 hours after a workout. This is due to an effect known as increased oxygen consumption after exercise (EPOC). Strength training has on your body with a similar effect, and in addition to HIIT is a more efficient way to burn calories than steady-state cardio.

You can even divide the weight training and HIIT and do some in the morning and the other in the evening, in order to improve overall performance and avoid neutralizing benefits.

6. You treat serious to workout

Performing simple half-hearted couple approaches of your first exercise is not enough to run mechanism of physical and mental stress and concentration.

The best place to start training with a light cardio activity. This allows blood flow, improves blood circulation and warms the muscle tissue and joints. Warm-up usually takes 5-10 minutes, and only then you can start the first exercise of the workout plan.

“I am one of the warm-up as seriously as it does to follow strength training – says Uittrok -. I worked out the movement, working the muscles warm up and tune the brain and body to intense physical labor.” During the warm-up Uittrok advises to focus primarily on the targeted muscle, the full range of movement, choosing the right pace and alignment breathing.

7. You do not consume the necessary supplements during and after a workout

During the training you will surely feel hungry often or lower energy level. Even worse, if immediately after exercise you can not get enough of wholesome food. This means that it is important to stock up on nutritious snacks in advance and the necessary additives.

At the very least, make sure that in the course of the training you drink plenty of fluids. If you are especially intense exercise and / or sweat heavily, replace electrolytes, low-calorie sports drinks that contain 53-77 mg of sodium and 10-22 mg of potassium per 100 ml.

After a workout, your body is particularly depleted. The consumption of readily available energy sources will quickly begin the recovery process. In this case, effectively helps protein shake with whey and casein (15-20 grams of each type of protein) and 60-80 g of fast carbs such as pure powder dextrose or fruit juice. Protein speeds up the body’s recovery process, and simple carbohydrates cause an insulin response, which stimulates the accumulation of glycogen in the form of energy and delivers amino acids into muscle cells. You can also add to a protein shake for 5 grams of glutamine and BCAAs to support muscle recovery.

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