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Supplements For New Bodybuilders

Yo Elliot! 

best supplements for bodybuildersSo our 15-year-old buddy Herman from Norway has recently started bodybuilding, he’s getting into supplements.

His parents are skeptical, they’re saying he’s getting brainwashed by bodybuilders and that this is unnecessary.

So, what happens is, they’ll purchase him some protein powder, that’s basically a supplement that he’s inquiring about.

It’ll run out and they just won’t buy him anymore.

You know, I want to relate a story to you, my story obviously, that I was brainwashed by a bodybuilder when I was just 14 years old.

Think about it the tragedy, a 14-year-old being brainwashed by a bodybuilder.

His name was Elroy Gutierrez.

My uncle.

And it’s been the best brainwashing that I’ve ever received in my entire life.

That might be him right now.


You know it’s interesting parents, they want the best for you.

But it’s limited.

Their advice is limited based on their perspective and what they’ve experienced in their life.

And, hitting the body, the supplements for new bodybuilders begins to work almost instantly. XGG is generally unique due to its two-phase effect. The first peak in the rise in the plasma level of plasmatestosterone begins about two hours after the injection of HCG, and the second peak in approximately 48-96 hours. At the same time, the average level of plasmatestosterone rises, and the height of the peaks and the average level depend, according to the scientists’ research, on the dose of the XGG administered.

So anyway, at that particular time I started supplements also. Yea, crazy. My uncle put me on MuscleMaxx, which probably doesn’t even exist anymore. Trust me supplements go in and out of existence, these companies open, oh it’s the greatest thing, and then they disappear. MuscleMaxx was the biggest thing back in 1994 when I first lifted a barbell. And shortly thereafter, Creatine. And these were the supplements that I used. In fact, I even graduated from MuscleMaxx into Weight Gainer seventeen thousand or something like that. It came in a big black bucket and I would take scoops that were like this big and put them into shaker bottles and I drink it with my meals. So I was taking weight gainers, I was taking protein supplements, I was taking Creatine. And I was lucky enough to have parents. Of course, my mother trusted her brother, who’s my mentor. My body building brainwasher. And my dad thought it was a good idea. He saw my grades increasing, he saw me improving as a young man as I began weight lifting and growing stronger. So he felt this is fine, I’ll buy you some protein shakes as long as your grades are getting better and you’re staying out of trouble.

Please, what else do I have to buy? That would be my dad’s attitude.

I’ll buy you as much protein as you want just keep lifting barbells and stay out of the street. That was their attitude. But I can tell you that although the gains came at that particular time, you know, fifteen years old, and I was taking the supplements, I can tell you today just based off of years of experience working with young athletes and also my own experience, that it wasn’t necessary. I didn’t have to have it. I think my uncle prescribed it because he knew that like well your parents are willing to pay for it and it’s not going to hurt you. So we’re going to support you in our efforts here. You’re not cooking. You know, you might make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and whatever your mom makes for dinner. Cause you know I had three other brothers and sisters and a cousin living with me and my old aunt. Just like, you know, how immigrants do. And my uncle was there. A whole tribe lived in one house in Long Island. So my mom wasn’t cooking me healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss chicken breast and broccoli for lunch. Her attitude was whatever I make for dinner is what you guys are gonna eat. So he said perhaps we can supplement with protein and later on Creatine and weight gainers. But again like I said, it just happened to be a bonus. It was not necessary.

Your parents, working on them. Show them that you’re a good kid. Show them that you are benefiting, you are growing stronger you’re becoming a stronger version of yourself in many areas, many ways. Your character is evolving because of your interest in and partaking of bodybuilding. You can’t brainwash them but you can show them irrefutable results. I am a good kid and I am better because of this.

But know that you don’t need them to buy you supplements for new bodybuilders. It’s not a necessity. It’s helpful but you don’t need it. Focus on trying to eat a significant amount of calories. This is really the thing I spoke about this in one of my open gym videos with Chris. I don’t know if it made it in the actual cut. But when you’re in between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one, you really could eat anything and you’ll grow. It really don’t matter. You might get zits and bad breath and have diarrhea if you eat really bad food. You’ll be toxic, feel like shit. But you’re still gonna get boners every time a girl passes by. When your thirty-five you can’t eat just anything. And your muscles will grow because you’re at that age where testosterone is spilling out of your eyeballs, you’re crying the stuff. So if you just focus on getting in the right calories you’ll do just fine. I mean protein is probably inherent in most of the things that you’re eating even if it is fast food or whatever your mom makes. I’m sure there’s some meat in there or even if you mix different grains and legumes you’re probably getting enough protein. You’re probably going to do just fine. Don’t focus on it too much. Get in the right amount of calories that you need in order to sustain muscle growth and just work your ass off. Done.

Yo Elliot!

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