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Unhealthy Drinks To Avoid During Diet

Unhealthy Drinks: Sweet Drinks

Such delicacies are a real illusion for taste buds. In the composition of soda, a huge amount of flavors. Due to them the receptors fail to recognize the main dangerous component of the drink – sugar. In one glass of sweet fizzy drink 5-6 teaspoons of sugar. That’s just such a sweet tea it would be impossible to drink, it would hurt your teeth. And the flavors make this mixture pleasant to the taste. Moreover, it can even seem pleasantly acidified, which allows one to not manage with one glass.

A large number of additives and sugar allows you to classify sweet drinks at the same time as two “dangerous” groups: processed foods and products with sugar. The last argument against their presence in the menu (and not only dietary) is medical statistics. Doctors testify that the risk of developing obesity in lovers of sweet drinks is 1.6 times higher than those who do not abuse them. The risk of developing diabetes is increased by 80%. And the researchers seriously talk about the fact that such drinks are addictive. All thanks to the “pleasure hormone” dopamine, which is released in response to rising blood glucose levels.

Note also that in sweet drinks, in addition to sugar and flavorings, there are many colors and preservatives. Many of them are dangerous to health and increase the risk of developing asthma, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, reproductive system and kidney diseases, as well as damaging tooth enamel.

unhealthy drinks

Unhealthy Drinks: Alcohol

Not a dietary product. First, alcohol slows down the metabolism. Secondly, it can not be called vlcd diet because of the caloric value: in 1 ml of alcohol as much as 7 kcal. This can be envied even by fast carbohydrates. But this caloric content is completely useless, since alcohol does not participate in the metabolism. Simply put, there is nothing to digest in it. But he can bring a “company” with him, because alcoholic drinks stimulate appetite. And here the most interesting begins.

Carbonated soft drinks unhealthy drinks. When you abuse these drinks, you can feel good, but they contribute to bloating and faster dehydration of the body. Sugar, which is an integral part of the most non-alcoholic beverages, is in itself harmful.Once the situation is binding, try to choose the safest options. For example, from white and red wine – red, from dark and light beer – dark (it sates faster, so it is difficult to drink a lot). Cocktails are not the best choice. They often add liqueurs and juices, which means, sugar and fat. Caloric content of one such glass can reach 500 kcal – like a decent dessert!

And one more clause about beer. It contains phytoestrogens, substances that are close to female hormones. Men can be threatened with a decrease in potency, gynecomastia (the breast looks like a woman’s) and an impressive belly, which is not easy to get rid of.

Without fear for a figure you can afford a glass of dry wine per day. If the situation requires you to drink more, try to eat beforehand. This, first, slows the absorption of alcohol into the blood, and secondly, it will be easier for you to control the amount eaten after. Drinking wine is best with light meals. fda approved bodybuilding supplements deca 250 multivitamin supplements for bodybuilding