vlcd dietThe main principle of VLCD diet (which, in general, it is obvious from the name) – it is a serious restriction of total calories. For very-low-calorie diet can be attributed, in which caloric intake does not exceed 1500 calories per day for women and 2200 for men. Products, in these VLCD diet can be used very different.

VLCD diet (Very-low-calorie diet) – the largest group of diets for weight loss. They are based on the fact that under severe caloric restriction diet the body to replenish energy begins to consume fat reserves, due to which there is weight reduction.

The duration of most VLCD diet – no more than 14 days. This is because after this time the body adapts to the new diet, the transition to a more “economical”, so to speak, the operation mode and ceases to burn fat reserves. In addition, during such a diet is often a lack of vitamins, trace elements and other vital substances.

Most VLCD diets can achieve weight loss of 5-7 kg. It is important to leave the VLCD diet. In no case can not be immediately after the diet load up to satiety. Volume and caloric content of food intake should be increased gradually, smoothly, and stop at a level slightly below that which was usual for you to start a diet. Remember: your body for a diet adapted to fewer calories coming!

“Browsing” on a low calorie diet, you should pay special attention to the content of vitamins, trace elements and minerals in used products in order to decrease the volume of food consumed, the rejection of those or other products do not lead to a lack of vital substances. When the “seat” at almost any VLCD diet makes sense to take a multivitamin, vitamin-mineral complexes. In any case it is impossible to reduce physical activity, otherwise the body in the first place let “the furnace” is not fat, and muscle tissue.

Here are some of the most popular and one might even say, fashion is now a VLCD diet:

  • British diet ;
  • orange diet ;
  • grapefruit diet ;
  • Hollywood diet ;
  • diet “Roller coaster” ;
  • Diet Larisa Dolina ;
  • yogurt diet ;
  • Chinese diet ;
  • chicken diet ;
  • summer diet ;
  • vegetable diet ;
  • fruit diet ;
  • egg diet ;
  • Japanese diet .

Be very careful about diet protein filled vegetarian meals, setting too low level of calories. There are diet, daily caloric which does not exceed 500 calories per day. For example, medical diet , diet 2468 or ana-diet . Such diets are not much different from starvation and simply dangerous for health! Try to find a diet that allow not to reduce the caloric content of less than 1000-1200 calories a day for women, 1700-2000 for men

vlcd diet