what to do after overeating
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What To Do After Overeating On A Holiday Season

What to do after overeating? It would seem that the bad thing is to eat well, especially with family or friends? Nothing, except for the fact of overeating and its serious consequences. They can be very unpleasant, and the extra centimeters on the waist and kilograms on the scales – this is only a minimal evil.

what to do after overeating

What is the harm?

If you could not resist and still ate during the holidays, your state of health probably leaves much to be desired. Possible consequences of overeating are a violation of normal metabolism, dysfunction of the thyroid gland, hypertension, gastritis, ulcer, dysbiosis, worsening of the liver and biliary organs and joint diseases. And this is not a complete list of diseases that are awaiting gluttony!

Excessive eating can lead to increased times in the work of the autonomic nervous system and to an overload of the entire nervous system as a whole. Digestive organs during intensive labor need increased blood flow, so often its deficiency in the brain. As a result, nervous and intellectual processes are violated. But after the holidays, we really need such processes, because we are returning to work.

Alas, an excessive amount of even healthy and healthy nutrition paralyzes the cells of the brain and the personnel level of their vital activity. Therefore, overeating creates much more problems than even excessive labor.

Do not think that one-time overeating can not be the cause of such serious health consequences. Even succumbing to the temptation of boundless gluttony once, you can provoke an exacerbation of gastritis. A surplus of carbohydrates leads to an increase in the sugar content in the blood and, as a consequence, diabetes mellitus. And what happens when some of us “eagerly” eat all the New Year holidays? Excess fats, a particular animal origin, affect cholesterol, and the abuse of proteins gives an additional burden to the kidneys and nervous system. Puffiness and insomnia are only the weak consequences of protein overeating. And, besides this, it should be remembered hcg solution that in some people the festive overeating grows into a dangerous habit – overeating is chronic.

How to eliminate the consequences

Of course, preventing overeating is easier than “treating” the consequences. But holidays are holidays, and only the most persistent of us can resist temptations. What actions can be taken to quickly eliminate the consequences of holiday excesses?

In addition to abstaining from harmful food, there are not so many ways to protect yourself, unfortunately. You can alternate meals with activity, for example, a walk or a set of simple exercises.

There is an opinion that after overeating it is necessary to arrange a fasting day or to start a very strict diet. These methods are not very good, since overeating itself is a stress for the body, and a strict diet will only aggravate an unimportant state of health.

Meals in the following days should be regular and correct. Watch for the quality of the products, in any case do not eat up “leftovers” – they should be thrown away. Food should be fresh, with a high content of fat, carbohydrates, salt and protein. Do not forget about physical exertion – it can be swimming pool, yoga, fitness, skipping rope or massage hoop for weight loss. They will help to reduce the consequences of “gluttony” to a minimum.

After about a week or two you can start to stick to the diet. Choose it for yourself to your liking. But do not overdo it, this diet should last no more than three days.

Medications – if nothing else helps

At this time, you really want to lie down, but do not lie down – in the horizontal position, the stomach is under more pressure, and gastric juice can get into the esophagus and cause heartburn what to do after overeating.

With abdominal pain, it is recommended to take an over-the-counter remedy for increased gas production (espumizana type), antacid (an almagel type) to reduce the production of gastric juice, which, if overeated in excess, or ranitidine, which will calm the stomach and alleviate the irritation of the digestive system from the abuse of food and drinks (including alcohol) what to do after overeating. If you feel that you just overeat, but do not feel pain, then take any medication is not necessary.

Feeling of heaviness and raspiraniya in the stomach, nausea and a sensation of bloating will help to eliminate the drug, normalizing the motor system of the digestive tract – for example, motilium. This drug will restore the process of digesting food and eliminate unpleasant symptoms. By the way, infusion of fennel or dill or a cup of ordinary green tea will also help improve your condition. Defeat heartburn with antacids (for example, renni), as well as alkaline mineral water without gas.

Of course, before using strong drugs, it is better to consult a doctor. Be healthy!